Slim Clear Case for iPhone 5c - Cellect Mobile
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Slim Clear Case for iPhone 5c

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Extra Protective

This ultra-thin flexible case is perfect for your iPhone 5c. It doesn't feel like a case & it'll keep your device from those pesky little scratches. Our case for the iPhone 5c maintains the original look of your iPhone while still protecting it from most dings, scrapes & scratches. 

Branding Free

We believe minimalism is beautiful, that’s why we chose not to put our logo on the case. You’ll forget you have a case on your iPhone. 

Perfectly Formed

At just 3mm thick, the case wraps seamlessly around your iPhone. A subtle lip protects the protruding camera lens.


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Conditions Explanation


Described as device conditions

Ex. Demo

Shipped in an original box, this is as close to brand new as possible. Although rare, some devices may have minor marks or scratches that are seen upon close examination.

As New

Shipped in a generic box, this is as close to brand new as possible. Some devices may have minor marks upon close examination.


There may be light scratches to the body and screen only as though it was almost new but had some minor use.


This is device may have some obvious signs of wear on the housing or LCD, ships in a generic plain box.


Bargain priced, best value for money. You will not find a cheaper device with a warranty. This device will have minor dents and scratches on the housing. The LCD may have scratches or scuffs. The phone still functions perfectly.

90-Day Warranty
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